Case Studies


Thompson farmhouse, Trumansburg, NY



The Thompson Farmhouse was a new construction home on a biodynamic farm in upstate New York. Research into both the theories behind biodynamics and the value systems that drive the Thompson family and their business pointed to an intense focus on harmony and respect for the balances inherent in natural processes. The Golden Section, discovered by the ancient Greeks, is the proportional system nature uses to allow for harmonious growth in both plants and animals. It was quite natural, therefore, for the house to adhere to such a system. The final design adheres to golden section proportions in all dimensions - both in plan and in section. Even the size and arrangement of windows is within this system.


Custom wood panels on the balcony and in the cabinetry recreate the floorplan, with its adherence to this system, as symbol and key to the design of the house.

Thompson Farmhouse, Trumansburg, NY



The core of the Thompson Farmhouse was the atrium and balcony. Central to the family's philosophy is an idea of togetherness and community in everything they did. To this end, bedrooms remained small, but communal spaces were large. The atrium and interior balconies served to unify the space, such that from any point in the house, anyone in the house could be seen and heard, even if on a separate floor.


The balcony and atrium areas also served as gathering areas for community events, including practices for a shape note choir, dances, and holiday gatherings. The heart of the house here is the connections between people - both family members and community members.

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